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Josh Long

1983 - 2017

Beloved Daddy, Boyfriend, Son, Brother, Brother-In-Law, Grandson, Nephew, Uncle, Cousin, Godfather, Godson,

Green Bay Packer Owner, Bee Keeper, Litter Hawker, Morel Mushroom Hunter,

Avid Cubs Fan, Business Owner,

Vice President, Router Operator,

Custom Cutting Board Maker, Recycler,

Environmentalist, Hiker,  Fisherman, Camper, Stone Stacker, Baseball Player, Softball Player, Disc Golfer, Star Gazer, Skydiver, Reader, Researcher,

Incubus Fan, Craft Beer Drinker, Bowler, Animal Lover,

Geocacher, Burning Man Survivor, Classmate, 

and most of all...EVERYONE’S  FRIEND

Adam Reihl

1987 - 2022

Beloved Daddy, Husband, Son, Brother, Brother-in-law, Grandson, Nephew, Uncle, Cousin, Godfather, Godson, Fisherman, Concert Goer, Humorous, Motorcyclist, Rib Smoker, Wisconsin Badgers Fan, Burn Out Maker, World Traveler, Adventurous, Problem Solver, Classic- Unique Car Collector, Nation Claims Adjuster,


Car Painter, Mechanic, LS Builder, Welder, Hard Worker, Generous Giver, Football Player, Avid Green Bay Packer Fan, Camper, Underdog Supporter, Golfer, Skydiver, Selfless Giver, Stargazer, Mountain Dog Owner, Contagious Wheezy Laugher, Poop Truck Driver, Beach Lover, Hiker, Nature Lover, Classmate, and above all...Everyone’s friend


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    (608) 313-0600

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